How to Use Kajabi to Run a Profitable Course Business

Creating your first online course is all sorts of overwhelming -- not only because it takes a lot of work to get it up and running, but because you're often learning a new platform while you're at it!

The course platform I use and recommend to you all is Kajabi -- but it definitely has a learning curve if you're new to it.

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Once you get the hang of things, it's 100% the best place to run your entire profitable, wildly successful online course business.

Which is exactly what I do.

My courses are all hosted on Kajabi, I've built my website on the platform (and it looks a-mazing if I do say so myself), I host webinars, send emails... the works.

In my humble opinion, course are the #1 way to create a business where you get to make money doing what you love and helping other people while you're at it -- so you can stop trading dollars for hours and build a lifestyle that you love.

So in this week's video, I'm taking you behind the scenes...

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Kajabi vs Thinkific vs Teachable (+ Which is BEST!)

One of the first decisions you'll have to make as a new course creators is where to host your course.

Picking the right course hosting platform for your needs can be the difference between hours of frustration, stress and overwhelm, and making your course creation process a complete breeze.

And I'll be the first to admit it — there are several good course platforms out there.

In this video I'm comparing Kajabi, Teachable and Thinkific -- and making a specific recommendation based on...
What stage you're at in your course business & what specific features you need as a course creator.

You'll answer a few simple questions to determine exactly what stage you're at in your business and what features you need from a course platform — then I'll make a specific recommendation based on that.

Deal? Let's go!





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8 Passive Income Ideas 2021 (to Start With NO MONEY)

Passive income ideas you can start with $0

Question for you:

How many different streams of income do you have in your business (or life)?

If the answer is only 1-2, that isn't nearly enough!

You see, having all your eggs in one basket is bad news -- if the market tanks or you lose your job, you have nothing to fall back on.

Which is why it's important to have multiple streams of passive income if you want to set yourself up for success!

There are lots of ways to make money these days, from regular day jobs, freelancing gigs, stock market investing, owning real estate — but most of these are either ACTIVE income streams or require money to make money.

So what if you’re starting out from the bottom with no money to invest?

The answer is in this week's video:

8 Passive Income Ideas 2021 to Start With NO MONEY! 

Pick and choose a passive income strategy that works for you and your lifestyle, then put in into action.

The key to success is taking baby steps and getting...

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My 5 Streams of Income at Age 31 (as a Digital Entrepreneur)

Creating multiple income streams


Did you know your business can bring in multiple streams of income, and not just one?

It's true.

Though I talk a lot about creating and selling courses here, it's actually a good idea to have other sources of income as well.

Because putting all of your eggs in one basket isn't the best strategy.

Having multiple streams of income is your safety net in case something goes wrong in your life or your business -- because the chances of ALL your income streams drying up all at once and leaving you with a big fat $0 in your bank account are pretty slim.

So what income streams can you add to a course-based business that make the most sense?

I started this business just over a year ago in 2020, and so far I've got FIVE streams of income set up. And I think these could work for you too.

In this week's video, I'm sharing my 5 streams of income at age 31 as a digital entrepreneur with a 1 yr old business:

My 5 Streams of Income at Age 31 (as a Digital...

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MONETIZED on YOUTUBE 2021: How Long Does it Take?

How long does it take to get monetized on Youtube?

Hey guys, hope you're all doing well! I've been pretty quiet on here lately for a couple of reasons.

#1 - I've been juggling a major move from Toronto > Montreal (we get the keys to our new pad in 2 weeks!) while...

#2 - Trying to keep my nose to the grindstone on Youtube -- because I was getting SUPER close to finally monetizing my channel!

And you know what?


That's right folks, I'm officially monetized :)

To celebrate the occasion, I've got a video coming at you today breaking down:

  • What does it take to get monetized on Youtube?
  • How long did it take me?
  • How much money I've made so far in my first couple weeks with a newly monetized channel
  • What strategies you can use to get monetized yourself!

You can find the answer to all of those points in this week's video 




Grab my FREE...

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Escape the 9-5: Should You QUIT Your Job & do THIS?

Raise your hand if you've ever hated your job...

*raises hand*

Okay, to be fair I don't have a job anymore - but when I did? Yup, I hated that sh*t!

But what if you never had to go back? What if there was a better way to earn a living?

I’ve struggled with the reality of soul-crushing 9-5 jobs since I was a teenager forced to get a summer job by my parents so I wouldn’t “get lazy”.

I’ve honestly never had a “good” job — even though I did the responsible thing and went and got a STEM degree.

I STILL wasn’t able to get a respectable job in my field after graduating, so my resume is filled with depressing menial labor jobs like 'housekeeper', 'dishwasher', and 'poop shoveler'.

I felt stuck, wondering "Is this all there is?" for years.

Four years ago I made a discovery that changed my life:

Escape the 9-5: Should You QUIT Your Job & do THIS?

If you're currently languishing in a career that doesn't fulfill you, I highly recommend...

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How I Record Youtube Videos With My Phone

**NEWSFLASH** You DO NOT need fancy equipment to get started on Youtube — the cameras in our phones these days are great! You can 100% start filming with JUST your phone.

In this video I'm going to be sharing with you how I record Youtube videos with my iPhone, and without fancy gear!

Most Youtubers have super complicated filming setups that cost a fortune. So if you don't have a trust fund or a sugar daddy to fund your Youtube venture, I'll show you how to get started filming youtube videos with a minimal setup— and produce videos that still look great.




Grab my FREE 4-Step Blueprint that takes the guesswork out of the course launch process! You’ll learn my proven process for getting your course built, launched & generating consistent monthly revenue in 90 days or less.


Are you ready to create...

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How to Become a SIX FIGURE Course Creator in One Year (My Plan)

It honestly blows my mind when I stop and consider what's possible with online courses in 2021.

Just take a look at the income reports of people like Vanessa Lau, Alex and Lauren from Create & Go, or industry veterans like Ramit Sethi and Amy Porterfield — and you'll see what I'm talking about!

These entrepreneurs consistently earn six figures PER MONTH — which sounds crazy, until you realize there are quite a lot of course creators out there making $10k, $50k, even $100k months.

To me, that's a crazy amount of money.

And the best part?

Online courses have low expenses and overhead, so you know most of that income is pure, sweet profit.

I'm not a six-figure course creator myself (yet), but it IS the goal I'm setting for myself this year. Which brings us to this week's video:

How to Become a SIX FIGURE course creator in ONE YEAR (my plan)

^I'm outlining the EXACT strategies I'm executing in 2021 to hopefully *fingers crossed* reach the coveted $100,000 milestone by...

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SendOwl Tutorial: How to sell ebooks & digital products (THE EASY WAY!)

Not ready for a course? DO THIS instead 

Maybe you've been thinking about creating a course for a while, but for whatever reason — maybe it's too overwhelming, confusing, or you simply don't have the time — you haven't brought your course baby into the world.

But what if you could dip your toes into the digital business world and start making money online — WITHOUT the substantial commitment of building out an entire course?

Enter: ebooks!

In fact, this is exactly what I started with before I got into creating courses, and it doesn't have to take months of planning to launch one.

This week, I'm showing you how to sell ebooks and digital products the easy way with one of my favourite tools: SendOwl!

With this tool, you set things up once, and then drive traffic to your ebook sales page or checkout to create an incredibly passive income stream.

SendOwl Tutorial: How to sell ebooks & digital products (THE EASY WAY!)

It's quick, it's easy, it's exactly what I...

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KAJABI BLOG Tutorial - Easily set up your blog (FAST!)

I got 99% of my first course sales doing THIS


When I was first starting my online course-based business, there was ONE major thing I relied on to attract ideal customers and clients who might buy my course...

It wasn't Instagram.

It wasn't Youtube.

It wasn't fancy webinars.

It was *drumroll* blogging!

By writing about things surrounding my course topic, I was able to attract the EXACT people who were most likely to enroll in my course.

Back then, I had cobbled together a business with a motley crew of tools and software: Wordpress, Teachable, Leadpages, Convertkit... the list goes on.

Now, I run (most of) my business from one place — it's all on Kajabi!

Kajabi makes it super easy to create and sell your course, and as an all-in-one platform, you can use it to run your entire online business — including your blog.

And as I mentioned, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your courses is by creating a blog and writing posts that solve the pains and problems of...

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